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Skala institute

Skála Institute offers training programmes for psychotherapists, psychological counsellor, teachers, and managers. The Institute’s main programme is experiential training in integrative psychotherapy, with its primary focus on group psychotherapy. The programme is accredited by a Commission of the Ministry of Health. Throughout its existence, Skála Institute has also engaged in training of specialists in substance abuse prevention at schools, and educational counsellors.

In addition to these long-term programmes, Skála Institute offers weekend training programmes, which take the form of lecture seminars, workshops with training of roles, and supervision seminars. Skála Institute intensively collaborates with the Family Research Institute, which provides the following services:

  • Supervision and training programmes for participants of the self-experience training.
  • Training programme primarily focusing on partner relations, self-management, and management of others.

Skála Institute was established in June 1995 to provide education to helping professionals. It was created after five years of self-experience training in group psychotherapy led by a pair of trainers, Dr. Magdalena Frouzová, and graduate teacher Jiří Heller. The Institute is named after Jaroslav Skála, M.D., one of the most influential figures of Czech psychotherapy in the 20th century.