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Our philosophy

Philosophy of Skála Institute is based on the SUR-type psychotherapy training practice. We currently develop theory of the integrative approach, with a specific focus on:

  • neurolinguistic programming in psychotherapy (INLPA)
  • integrative supervision
  • psychological management

We propagate information from the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI - http://www.sepiweb.org). We create a platform for the exchange of information and approaches among both the participants and the instructors of training. The training structure allows grasping multiple levels of the bio-psycho-social reality.

Graduates of our programmes:

  • learn basic information on psychology;
  • better know themselves;
  • are better able to deal both with themselves and with others;
  • are aware of their own limits and possibilities in social contexts;
  • are aware of mutual relations of groups that may affect their own lives and lives of others;
  • and learn how to intervene in relationships more efficiently.

Training Structure of Skála Institute

Development of the concept of competencies in integrative psychotherapy training

Journey from communism to integrative Europe in psychotherapy training

Ongoing research and surveys in the training of integrative psychotherapy